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Insurance coverage in USA/ACBL

I'm trying to figure out what insurance coverage our local bridge unit/board needs.

The ACBL has a general liability policy, which I have copied here:


ACBL, Inc. maintains a General Liability policy that extends insurance coverage to Districts, Units and Conferences for sanctioned events. The policy extends coverage for bodily Injury & property damage occurring in the playing area of sanction events, including Regionals, Sectionals, STaCs, District level Grand National Team qualifiers, District level North American Pair qualifiers, and Unit level games (not held at clubs). Coverage does not apply to club level games, sanctioned or not. Coverage is $1,000,000 primary with an available additional umbrella of $9,000,000. Host Liquor Liability is included in this limit (all local laws and the venue’s rules must be followed; also, serving under aged persons or over serving is not covered). Many venues have very specific wording in their contract for additional insureds and what is to be covered. It is very important that the contract wording be reviewed so that ACBL is not agreeing to gross negligence outside of their control.Coverage is automatically provided by this policy and, if needed, a Certificate of Insurance can be produced for proof of General Liability coverage.  (COMMENT: This certificate can be generated to include additional insureds.)


ACBL, Inc. also maintains a Directors & Officers (D&O) policy that extends insurance coverage to Districts, Units and Conference boards of directors. The policy responds to claims for mismanagement, or wrongful acts, at a $5,000,000 limit. Also included in that limit is Fiduciary Liability coverage. The policy also provides Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) coverage at a separate $5,000,000 limit.Generally, D&O policies Insures the directors and officers against claims, most often by members and employees, alleging financial loss arising from mismanagement or wrongful acts. (COMMENT: Goes on to describe wrongful acts, etc.)


However, our unit also maintains a supplemental insurance policy through R.V. Nuccio. R.V. Nuccio was recommended to our unit by the ACBL, with the comment that many other units used them. We have Liability Plus, $1,000,000.


My question: Do we really need the supplemental insurance policy?

This is definitely not my area of expertise, but my guess is that the ACBL policy applies only to sanctioned tournaments. The supplemental policy covers all bridge-unit-related and bridge-board-related events.


Has anybody else looked into this for your unit?

Another way to look at it: The supplemental insurance policy is not expensive (~$250/year). Why take the chance?

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