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Interesting game forcing treatment over minor suit openings

I was playing in the Nail LMP at the recent fall NABC and encountered a very interesting approach to game forcing auctions beginning with one of a minor.  I was hoping to find someone who knows a little bit about this and could steer me in the direction of information about the approach and how to incorporate it into my card with my steady tournament partner.

Playing against two foreign players I encountered two auctions that began 1D-2C alerted as game forcing and 1C-2C alerted as game forcing.  All responses by opener after that were systemic showing various hand patterns and strength.  Respoder was in charge of the auction including various asking bids designed to pinpoint distributional features.  Other than this particular treatment the card resembled a standard 2/1 card, including 15-17 NT.

It seems to me that there are a lot of advantages to this treatment, not the least of which is that I know (as defender) a lot about openers hand but virtually nothing about responders hand.

Anyone out there who has encountered this before?


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