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International 24-hour Bridge Hackathon starts tomorrow 06:00 UTC - over 50 software developers/techies/researchers players involved
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Do join in, either active or passive participation is perfectly fine!  (though we of course prefer more contributors)

The #BridgeHackathon is a 24 hour event this Saturday (23rd May) to build working prototype online bridge software. We are an international set of bridge-playing software developer pros and enthusiasts who want to create an open source, high quality, progressive, exciting online bridge environment to engage and amaze bridge players, old and new!

* Hackathon discord server (main coordination, discussion, #general and product/supportchannels)

* FB page

* Hackathon - first announcement and early sign ups

* High Level docs (not complete, work in progress)

 Bridge Hackathon Poster

Two primary goals for the Hackathon from me are

  • demonstrating that the bridge software developement community can collabote effectively, produce magical products and services - and enjoy doing so!
  • ship working prototypes that astound ourselves and the bridge world with modern, attractive UIs and APIs on a structure of modular, non-monolithic, highly flexible services, including a "play server" where you can sit at a table and play bridge and get useful M2M services over a well designed and documented API.

This describes the concepts as I visualise them

Platform of modular services

And this is the global storage part which I've had in mind for a while...


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