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International Court for Sport?

A Modest Proposal

It seems to me that one reason that the authorities might be slow in reacting to rumours of cheating is the prospect of lawsuits. In the US especially lawsuits can be very expensive to defend, even when the plaintiff's case is laughably weak.  IIRC the ACBL has been sued in the past by players it has suspended.


Would it make sense for Bridge to add a clause to all conditions of contests that any lawsuits or appeals are to be handled by the International Court for Sport? (in the Hague I believe). This is/was the approach taken by the America's Cup yacht racing when the results of 3 (or 4?) results in a row wound up in one or another country's court system.


I think that most legal systems would like players who have been suspended by an organization to have some route of appeal outside of that organization, especially if there is a livelihood involved.

It is after all only a game. It is not like the accused are facing jail time, or even significant fines. So the full blown legal system may not be justified, and if the regulating authorities provide an independent avenue of appeal, they may avoid lawsuits altogether.



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