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The International Team Trials Committee (ITTC) wants to add new members to its USBF-ITTC Google Group .This discussion site deals with writing the Conditions of Contest for the (Open) United States Bridge Championship, and occasionally discusses related matters involving national and international events.

Recently the group discussed whether to hold a team or pairs repechage to decide the USA2 representative in the 2013 USBC. The teams repechage won out by a super-majority vote. The current discussion is on the format of the teams repechage. Suggestions have been put forth to start the USA2 bracket with losers of the USA1 round of 16, round of 8 or semi-finals.

Members of the group can opt to receive emails from other members or not. If they opt out of receiving emails, they can still review discussions on the Google Groups web site. Members can comment, or not, and if they have played in a USBC in the past 5 years, they can vote on motions.

We are primarily interested in players who have played in, or may eventually play in, the USBC.

Bridge Winners has a younger membership, and we would like to add some youth to our graying group.

Anyone interested should subscribe to the link above. If you have trouble registering or posting your comments, write to Adam Wildavsky at:

The ITTC also holds OPEN meetings at most of the NABCs. Information about the ITTC can be obtained at

Mike Becker
International Team Trials Committee

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