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Is Multi Effective against World Class Competition?

Pietro Campanile published an article "The Multi 2?Does it really work?" which describes his study of hands from championship competition where Multi was opened at one table and not opened at the other.

Pietro states his analysis shows Multi is not a winning proposition against world class competition.  Graphs summarizing his analysis are presented without further detail.  The hand type with the biggest IMP loss according to Pietro is the strong one suiter.  The study shows weak two hands are also an IMP loser.  Surprisingly, Pietro finds the Tartan Two bids employed by many pairs playing Multi are also a losing proposition.  Pietro speculates this is because the information about opener's distribution may too often be of benefit to the opposing declarer.

A counter point to Pietro's analysis is that many world class pairs choose to play Multi in international championships.

Sounds like a good opportunity for a BridgeWinners poll to let world class players share their experience with the community.

Multi is recommended against world class competition
Multi is not recommended against world class competition
Not qualified to answer, don't know, or don't care
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