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Is my 1 opening legal (EBU)

Someone has questioned the legality of our 1 opening which, in 1st or 2nd seat, is:

Natural (12+hcp, 4 + diamonds, no 5cM)  OR balanced 9-11

The relevent parts of the EBU Blue Book (2017)  for Level 4 (General competition level) are:


7 A 3 Strength of Opening One-level Bids

A one-level opening bid in a suit, whether forcing or not, must by agreement show 8+ HCP and, in first and second position, follow the Rule of 18.

Natural 1NT opening bids must show 9+ HCP.

7 B One Level Openings

7 B 1 1 and 1 openings

1 or 1 may each be played to have any one of options (i)-(iv) below

(i) Forcing or not, showing any combination of the following hand types:   

      a) At least four cards in the suit bid   

      b) At least four cards in the other minor   

     c) Any distribution that satisfies the requirements for a natural 1NT opening

(ii) Forcing, with any meaning or meanings as long as they all show at least 16 HCP or 12+ HCP with at least 5 controls

(iii) *Any meaning showing at least four cards in a specified suit, forcing or not

(iv) *A combination of both (i) and (ii) above (‘Polish Club’ or ‘Three-Way Club’)


The question is: does the first part of 7A3 override 7B1?

My understanding was that the natural part of our 1 opening satisfies Ro18 and the balanced part satisfies 9+hcp and shape criteria (no more than nine cards in two suits, no void, and does not have seven hearts or seven spades).

Your 1 bid is legal
Your 1 bid is illegal
I don't know, its not clear
Something else

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