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Is the double a comparable call?

With South the dealer, West opens 1 Club. (It turns out that South appeared a bit indecisive and was playing around with the bidding box. West thought she had passed.)

Called to the table, explained to North that he can accept the call (with no further rectification - law 29A) but that if he doesn't then bidding reverts to South and if she passes then West has to repeat the call (no further rectification), but if she makes another call then West will have to make a comparable call or partner will be silenced for one round (Law 31A).

The call is rejected and South now opens 2 weak.

I take West away from the table and find out.

1) The club bid is the better minor since they play four card majors. It is not forcing.

2) They would always have three clubs when they double a weak two (for takeout)

3) The double of a weak two heart bid would show four spades. (Although West did in fact hold 4 spades this is irrelevant for the poll)

The definition of a comparable call is

A. Definition

A call that replaces a withdrawn call is a comparable call, if it:

1. has the same or similar meaning as that attributable to the withdrawn call, or

2. defines a subset of the possible meanings attributable to the withdrawn call, or

3. has the same purpose (e.g. an asking bid or a relay) as that attributable to the withdrawncall.

It appears that there is a reluctance to allow doubles as comparable calls. Should I rule? Hand 31, if you are interested but the actual hand details are pretty irrelevant.

Comparable: the call is similar to a meaning attributable to the withdrawn call.
Comparable: the call is a subset of the possible meanings attributable to the withdrawn call.
Not Comparable

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