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Is there UI on this auction?

Playing in a regional two sessions pair event against two good players, this situation occurs:

After I pass as dealer, LHO opens 2 (not alerted - standard weak bid), partner doubles and RHO bids 2 (not alerted).  While I am thinking about my call, out of nowhere (a good 20 to 30 seconds after the call),  the 2 bidder tells the table that he is going to take his partner's bid as a real suit and not a lead directing bid.

Quite unnerved by his opening his mouth, I  tell him that he has no business saying this to table, and the man (who writes for the ACBL bridge bulletin and posts here), explains to me that he is only trying to help me, if only I was smart enough to let him finish.  Since I had been reading a lot of posts on BW about UI, I felt immediately that he was cheating by letting his partner know what he took his bid to mean.  Then I thought that I had read too many BW articles about the subject of UI and was becoming paranoid :)

So I ask you, was there UI passed by that bogus explanation of the bid, which no one at the table asked for?

This really bothered me because the 2 bidder is one who considers himself an expert, and opines here about ethics, cheating etc..

Yes there is Unauthorised Information passed to the 2 bidder
No there is no Unauthorised Information.

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