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Is this an unauthorized Physc

Playing in a Swiss partner passes in 3rd seat. The opponents don't accept and now auction is back to me with knowledge that partner must pass at his first opportunity. I held Axx x QJx JTxxxx. I decided to open 1club which was passed out. 1 opponent Axx of clubs and the other KQx. I managed to make 1 club when opponents were cold for 3H but both decided to defend not letting partner back into auction. Director was called at end of play claiming that I was not allowed to "Physc" 1C since I knew partner had to pass. I said any bid when partner is forced to pass is a Physc. If I opened 3N I certainly wouldn't have a gambling 3N or 4 of a major may be a strong hand. I also stated that when partner passes out o turn I would put 6-10 points and bid what I thought I could make. Director ruled against allowing 3H to make 3 since that was result at other table. Should my bid not be allowed.

Yes, you were out of line and director was correct.
No, when partner passes out of turn you bid what you think you can make.

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