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Is this ridiculous?

I read in a BBO forum discussion that 14-16 HCP's was the recommended range for 1NT in a strong club system. Of course that means that you will have to open your 11/12-13 HCP balanced hands with a nebulous 1.

Of course? What if you don't open those hands at all? Partner may protect you with a lightish 3rd or 4th seat opening, or you may be able to bid 1NT later if it seems appropriate. If partner opens you may respond 2NT (or 1M).

This way your 1 opener always shows diamonds in an unbalanced hand, which may help in competition and even in uncontested auctions. Yes, sometimes you will miss a partscore but only if partner cannot come up with a bid.

I would like to try this admittedly bizarre idea in practice but I wonder if anyone here has experience with such a thing.

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