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Is this system bad or illegal? (EDIT)

Feeling bored I tried making up a bidding system. I'd like to know whether people think its bad, or whether or not it's just flat out illegal. If you answer other please comment. Or if you have any suggestions comment them.

The system is as follows, 1 shows a 13 to 16 hcp hand with either no 5 card major and unbalanced or 5-5+ in the majors, or a balanced hand. Responder can bid 1 if they have 0-8 hcp with any distribution, responder can bid 1 with 9-13 hcp any distribution, a responder bid of 1/2/2/2 shows 13+ hcp, 5 pieces of that suit and is forcing to game. A 1NT bid by responder shows 12-14 hcp and a balanced hand.

An opening bid of 1 shows 17 or more hcp, a response of 1 shows 0-7 hcp with any distribution, a 1NT response shows 8-13 hcp with a balanced hand. A 1/2/2/2 response shows 8+ hcp and a 5+ card suit and is game forcing.

An opening bid of 1 or 1 shows 11-16 hcp. 

1NT is 10-12 and balanced, regular systems are on but for Stayman you should have 13 hcp and for a 1NT-3NT call, you should have 15 points.

2 and 2 show 8-12 hcp and 6 of that suit with no 3 card major, with a game force partner can bid 2NT and ask you more about your hand, on the 3 level you can bid a singleton or a void, with no shortness you can bid 3NT, which will usually be corrected to 5 of openers minor. A major suit response on the 2 level to this opening bid shows a weak hand with 6+ of that suit, a major suit bid on the 3 level shows a stronger hand with 6+ of that suit.

2 and 2 are 0-7 hcp and preemptive.

Please answer this poll and/or give me your opinions in the comments.

Edited contents: 1-p-1 is no longer a relay, the responder now has responses to 1. A major suit opening now has a minimum of 11 hcp.


This system is legal and sounds effective.
This system is illegal but sounds effective.
This system is legal but sounds pointless.
This system is illegal and sounds pointless.
This system has some merit but is problematic in other spots (please specify) but it's probably illegal.
This system has some merit but is problematic in other spots (please specify) but it's probably legal

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