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Is this what bridge has become?

A competent but not world class pair qualifies for the 2nd day of the Blue Ribbon.  They've done so before, so they're not overwhelmed by the stage.  Late in Session 3, they finish a round where one of them pulls a pass from his bid box thinking he has doubled and partner is unable to enter the auction.  So they get a near-zero for failing to compete.

Immediately thereafter, they proceed to a table inhabited by to world class players.  WC1 opens the bidding, CP1 has a hand between a simple and a jump overcall, he decides to go low while he regains his balance.  WC2 makes an artificial Comp+ raise, CP2 cue-bids WCP's suit, and WC1 doubles to show interest.  CP1, cognizant of his lack of high cards, retreats to his suit which for them shows the worst hand.  WC2 competes, CP2 bids game, and WC1 passes.  CP1 passes, and WC2 doubles; all pass.

WC2, on lead, cashes the Ace of their suit as dummy shows a stiff.  WC2 now cashes the trump ace and shifts to dummy's weaker suit.  CP1, knowing he has a clear path to the rest of the tricks, faces his hand and says, "I'm going to play very carefully from here."  He's perfectly capable of doing just that, and he does have enough tricks to make his game.  It's a layout that would feature in the early pages of a declarer play book aimed at I/N players.

WC2 now tells his kibitzers he has found the worst possible defense (which he has).  He shrugs and puts his cards back.  Dummy puts his cards in the board too.  Declarer looks at dummy, and puts his cards back, too.

WC1 does nothing for a while, then (I'm not sure in which order) puts his cards back and asks declarer, "What were you going to do next?"

Declarer now answers, "Draw the last trump."  Nothing else.  This does not alter the result if declarer wins the trump in the proper hand.

WC1 now states, "Then you're down 1."  Declarer pauses for a minute, and erroneously agrees.  So the board is scored as down 1.

Pardon the muzzy presentation.  I have only a potentially garbled description of the bidding, play, claim, and post-claim events and statements.  I will absolutely not give out any further information publicly here, as I do not wish to cast aspersions on any of the participants.  But some of you are very expert at the Laws and/or ACBL regulations.

I appreciate input from the knowledge base here.  I am a fairly good club director, but I don't do it regularly.  From my perspective, I am primarily wondering about the following.

1.  Did WC2's return of his cards to the board constitute a concession?

2.  Was this concession binding on WC1, either (a) if he had objected immediately, or (b) in the sequence ant timing of events as described above?

3.  Were the declaring side due any blame for putting their cards back in the board before WC1 did so?

4.  Was WC2's remark to his kibitzers before putting his cards back in the board something that could be considered UI to his partner (i.e. that he could have beaten the hand with another defense)?  Would it have mattered if he had put his cards back, then made the remark while partner was still pondering?

Feel free to answer any and all questions I have posed, or some of your own.

As I said above, I will not answer any questions publicly out of respect for all of the players involved. Mostly, I am curious as to how far conduct like this has proceeded in ultra-high level bridge.

I may choose to provide further details for those who I deem as having a need to know.  This includes only people responsible for the administration and oversight of major National and International tournaments.

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