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Is unspecified smolen a thing?

Does anyone play an unspecified-smolen heart bid?

IE (uncontested) 1nt 2c 2d 3h (54 in the majors) 3s (i have 3 spades) 3nt (i have 5 hearts and 4 spades)

1nt 2c 2d 3h 3nt (i have less than 3 spades so i must have 3 hearts since we don't open 2254 patterns with notrump)

This would free up the 3s smolen bid for maybe 4441 hands:

1nt 2c 2d 3s (i'm 4441) 3nt 4any=short 4nt(to play) or 5m (to play)

I'm also thinking about this over 2nt openers.

Perhaps this is already a common treatment that I'm not aware of.

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