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Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?

One day after Christmas I've got a text asking me (as an expert) what would I open with AKJ9xxxx, -,xx,AJ10?

Without thinking I answered 2 clubs. After reading the message again I realised that my strongest bid was 2 diamonds so 2 clubs opening became even more obvious.

Today I heard the story...

One of England international players (and a member of Law and Ethics committeeasked for the ruling after the match in the open event against inferior opposition ( six spades made on the wrong lead).

The rule used in the complain was introduced in 2009 to protect weaker players from psych openings of 2clubs.

The hand above wasn't good enough(!!?) because it's not eight tricks against bad layout.

I think situations like this one and aftermath (talk of the town) make bigger tournaments less and less attractive for"normal players" who don't want hassle and aggression of experts. Don't we all have responsibility to encourage others to participate instead of using small print to score the points?

What do you think?

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