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It is that time of year again!!

I'm just sitting down to start work on the quarter-final reports from Wroclaw.

Bridge winners has proved exceptionally helpful to me in editing and improving my draft articles. If you volunteered your services in the past, I'm sure i already have your email address (so unless you have changed it or don't want to receive anything this time don't bother to do anything).

But if you'd like to see the report -- and especially if you played in the event and I didn't ask for your email address, please drop me a line.

As usual, asking to see the article wont require you to do anything with it, but I am always pleased to have comments on grammar, tone, choice of words, or bridge analysis.

There won't be any time pressure, I hope. If I get the article out by the end of the month you will have six weeks to review it -- and I'll be happy to chat about it at Orlando.

Barry Rigal

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