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It is time to stop to speak improperly about Italy and Italians

Maybe we are not as rich as other Countries (we anyway stay fairly well) or we dont have a lot of politic consideration, but when we come to speak about bridge we are the GREATEST COUNTRY in the world and noone is allowed to forget it even for just a second. YES, despite we are "small" in terms of players, we have the greatest achievements ever in bridge history, more than USA itself. Noway it is acceptable what Mr Hamman declared to Newsweek :

Hamman, who has won more major tournaments than any American and who has probably lost just as many to cheaters, is somehow able to remain sanguine. “It’s human nature, it’s the way we’re engineered,” he says. “I played against the famed Italian Blue team. They won 17 of 19 world championships at one point, and the fact is, they cheated. Everyone knows that. There’s problems in everything you do, and it’s called life.”

Where are the evidences for that?

In the same time it is NOT acceptable that a journalist can speak about Italy and not Monaco when he is posing a question:

It is NOT acceptable that every now and then something bad happens in the bridge world all of you speaks about Blue Team or you name "the Italians" when you speak about Fantoni and Nunes. I wish to remember all of you that IF they will be convicted for cheating (I have little doubt they will not, but at the moment they are not guilty) they should be considered Monegasque rather than Italians (the evidences we all looked at were about play in European Bridge Championships where they were playing under Monaco's flag).

I really wish all of you will REFRAIN from similar behaviour and that FIGB (Italian Bridge Federation) will act in order to protect his and all Italians players reputation.

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