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It means THIS!

It means THIS because I say it means THIS (or so the "discussion" went). And so, we inflict the pain of the disagreement on the BW community. 

In the following auction: 

1NT - (p) - 2 - (X)

2 - (p) - ??

  • 1NT = 15-17
  • 2, after the double, shows 3+ s (with 2 you would pass), and therefore, a  "fit" has been identified.
  • 4 (Kickback) is NOT an option. Sorry!
  • I hesitate to show responder's hand since you may not deem it worthy of slam exploration. However, it is shown below.
  • Assume you choose to explore for slam; your choices are:

QT2 K9743 AJT AJ

4 --- this is GERBER (duh) because 4 is always Gerber when No Trump is opened or, the previous bid.
4NT --- Quantitative. Opener has four choices, 1.) sign off in 5 2.) 6 3.) Pass 4NT 4.) 6NT
4NT --- RKCB for s --- we have a FIT! (4 incidentally, would be a splinter with s agreed).
Some other method. But since I initially chose to explore for slam, I will explain below.

Sorry, to answer polls. Registered users can vote in polls, and can also browse other users' public votes! and participate in the discussion.

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