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It's Your Ruling

Your partner opens by putting the 1NT card on the table. Your right hand opponent passes and you are considering a Heart slam with the hand shown below. You decide on bidding Texas. But before you bid you look up and see your partner had bid 1, not 1NT. You must have been confused about seeing the original 1NT bid, so you bid 1 thinking partner had bid 1. Your left hand opponent calls the director about you making an insufficient bid over 1NT, then realizes that he also saw the 1 bid on the table. Your right opponent who passed won't commit to what she saw.

Q6 Q87532 A6 Aj6

Apparently partner was straightening up his bidding cards while waiting for you to bid and somehow the 1 card was mistakenly placed on top of the 1NT bid.

  • The director backed up the auction to the original 1NT bid and you were able to bid Texas for a near top board by making an overtrick. Is this a correct ruling? The opponents objected to this ruling and wanted a NOPLAY instead. 
  • Would you consider the opener had made a Change of Call?
  • The auction did not progress after your 1 call before the director backed up the auction to opener's call
  • The opponents questioned why I had bid 1 if I thought he had opened 1NT. I stated that I thought he opened 1NT but I clearly saw the 1 bid on the table when I finally made my 1 call. 
  • Three people thought they had seen the original 1NT bid (LHO, Opener, Me).

The ruling was appealed. If you were on the board, how would you rule?

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