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I've never seen this before

I'm on board ship directing a cruise right now.

Early on day one or two (i forget which) one of the rules sticklers said to an Australian who had put the contract on top of the board 'We dont do that sort of thing' implying we are supposed to remember it.

I was called, gave some sort of anodyne response and suggested he not do it.

Yesterday I noticed a player do something similar -- this was the thing I'd never noticed before and I dont know whether she came up with it herself or if it is standard practice. She was playing or defending, I dont recall which, and as the play ended I saw her unobtrusively straighten up her bidding box. In her box one card had been taken out and set at an angle within the box -- i suspect no one else could even see that -- and it was the contract card.

Was anyone else aware of this neat way for senior citizens to remember the contract --- and I assume it must be illegal?

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