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Jie Li


  • Date of Birth : May 11, 1972
  • Lives in : Beijing, China
  • Family : 5 year old son
  • Occupation : Officer
  • Favorite Bridge Expression : Bridge is a partnership game
  • Most Memorable Tournament : 2008 World Individual in Beijing (finished 11th)
  • Favorite Convention : Gazzilli, but I have never played it. Meckwell vs. 1NT is my favorite that I use myself.
  • Favorite Bridge Player : Jeff Meckstroth. He has strong nerves and is a killer at the table.
  • Other Hobbies : Spending time with my son, photography, reading, travelling, writing articles, watching American soaps…too many, don't have time to do all of them
  • Favorite Sports : Table Tennis (play it regulaly myself). Love to watch American football, and am a fan of the Green Bay Packers
  • Regular Partner : Jing Liu


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