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Joe Jones's Recruitment Strategy

In the June 2019 Bridge Bulletin, the enterprising ACBL Executive Director Joe Jones accounts for his procurement of an outside marketing firm to help create new ACBL membership through digital recruitment.

Mr. Jones explains that the Red Rover marketing team will assist the ACBL "in developing a website specifically for those who come to us via Google or Facebook advertising." Apparently the prospective bridge players will then be connected directly with clubs and teachers.

According to the Red Rover website, their award-winning (at least in Memphis) marketing team identifies as a dog pack that "commits to achieving the biggest bang for your buck" in a "dog eat dog" world and guarantees results. Really?

A few questions come to mind:

1. What are the ACBL new membership goals?  2. Why align with a warmongering paradigm? Wouldn't peaceful activisim be more suitable for membership recruitment?  3. Is this new marketing commitment related to the recent displacement of ACBL employees?  4. Does "guaranteed results" mean the ACBL will be fully refunded if recruitment goals are not met?

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