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Judgement call after BIT

your hand is Q975, A93, AK7654, -  

Auction is Pass by Partner, pass, ID by you, Pass on your left, 1 spade by partner, pass, 3 spades by you, pass, 4 clubs by partner, 4 diamonds by you, pass on your left.  a BIT by partner followed by 4 spades, pass to you.

What are your options.

Person in this chair bid 5 hearts followed by 6 spades by partner making 6.  

Director was summonded and rollled back tp 4 spades.

What are your thoughts.

Small team game, this affects many overall places 

Not close roll back to 4 spades
Close ,but still needs to be rolled back
Not close add procedure penalty to side that bid on
Close, but allow 6 spades to stand
Not close allow 6 spades to stand
other, please comment

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