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Jump Shifts - 1m-2M - A Modest Proposal

There are many uses for jump-shifts. I'm a Solowayjump-shift fan, but they don't come up often enough. My proposal might come up more often. Here 'tis:

One of a minor by partner, pass by RHO, two of a Major by you shows a five card major suit and four card support for partner's minor. with a good nine to eleven HCP., depending, of course, where those points are.

That's the crux of it. It's similar to fit-showing jumps.

The two of a major bid is passable, also is a re-bid by opener of his minor.

A two no-trump rebid by opener is game-forcing and asks for further description; e.g., a singleton or extra length in one of the suits. A three no-trump bid by responder would show no singleton and no extra length.

The same holds true for one of a major - three of a minor by responder (five card minor four card support for the major, forcing to three of the major, but still invitational) Responder can bid three no-trump over opener's sign-off, forcing and conventional. Hmm, responder could still have a Soloway jump-shift.

There are advantages to this:

There are IMPs and match points to be gained here.

You might shut out the opponents. You might get to a low HCP slam.

After 1m-2 Hearts: LHO cannot get in a cheap one spade bid. A two spade bid by LHO is dangerous as partner knows your hand, knows we have the balance of the points and can double. A one of a minor - two Spade bid shuts the heart suit out.

One of a major, three of a minor (invitational to game) helps partner to evaluate his hand. A three of the major re-bid says he has his usual poor opener. Three no-trump by either hand is an asking bid.

This would, perhaps, eliminate new minor forcing and some other bids.

This seems legal on the mid-chart. It has a natural feel to it, so it should be easy to remember.

A modest proposal for your consideration.

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