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Junior Party Sat Nov 30 at SF NABC!

In between sessions on Saturday Nov 30 at the upcoming SF NABC, there will be a junior party within walking distance from the host hotel!  If you are a junior (under 26), and are interested in coming, please message me on Bridge Winners with your email, so you can be sent an invite (we need RSVPs to estimate how many people will be coming).  The party is planned to be from 5:45-7:15pm.


Unfortunately, we are only accepting CURRENT juniors, so please only message me if you are a current junior (in age, not at heart)


The event will have some truly remarkable special guests: junior players past and present.  Here is the list of expected special guest attendees:


Former Juniors:

Michael Rosenberg

Debbie Rosenberg

Dennis Bilde

Sylvia Shi

Cecilia Rimstedt

John Kranyak


Current Juniors:

Zach Grossack

Kevin Rosenberg 

Sarah Youngquist

Cornelius Duffie

Ola Rimstedt 

Mikael Rimstedt

The event will be emceed by Zach Grossack.  Besides free food and a chance to talk to some amazing players and people, each of the special guests has provided a quote for the event.  I believe there will be some kind of activity where attendees try to guess who said what.  

If you're a junior who's planning to be in SF,  then get your butt down to this event!  Hope to see you there...

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