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Fantastic news for the Keep Bridge Alive Campaign today as the ACBL Educational Foundation will match fund donations raised at the Spring National up to 15,000 dollars! Please donate to #keepbridgealive as your contribution will be doubled! Visit the #KBA stand in the convention center in Memphis to donate in person or online at:

The key goals of the global Keep Bridge Alive project are to transform the image of bridge, increase participation and enhance sustainability of the mind sport. It is a Crowdfund campaign and we need the bridge crowd to get behind this; otherwise, without funding, the work simply cannot be done. The money raised will be used to pay researchers to work with me to produce:

(1) academic papers which provide proof of the skills and benefits that are gained from playing bridge at all ages

(2) a ‘lessons learned’ database of what is being done around the world to promote bridge

(3) accessible resources to promote bridge to different groups.

Thus, the aim of Keep Bridge Alive is to attract new players to the game. As a Professor of Sociology at the University of Stirling in Scotland, I am dedicating the remaining 15 years of my academic career to doing sociological research and working collaboratively with other academic disciplines and organizations across the world to Keep Bridge Alive. This KBA campaign is the first step in making that happen which is why it is so important that we reach our Crowdfund target.

We need evidence to establish the credibility of the new academic field of the Sociology of Bridge. Part of that is to develop publicity and promotion of the game, which will help shift the traditional image of bridge as an unexciting pastime only for older people. As bridge players, we know how great a game bridge is and the Keep Bridge Alive project can help to get the message out that bridge is good for skill development, healthy aging and social connection. Our aim is to generate sociological research evidence which can then be used to convince schools, universities, workplaces, and communities that setting up opportunities to learn bridge is beneficial to developing transferable life skills as well as improving people’s well-being and brain fitness.

Sociological research can show the benefits of bridge for people of all ages. In particular we are keen to develop family approaches to the game and thus help to ‘bridge the gap’ between the generations. The Keep Bridge Alive initiative will develop innovative and collaborative approaches to attracting new players to our game (including targeted resources aimed at children, young people, and families as well as policy-makers, employers, and teachers).

Keep Bridge Alive is about taking action to share best practices, pool resources and develop an evidence base to re-brand and grow the bridge world. This is an excellent opportunity to do something different and create momentum for change within and beyond the bridge community.

The number of donations is as important as the amount because it shows that the bridge world cares about its future. Your support is hugely appreciated – help us raise 15,000 dollars this week. “If you Keep Bridge Alive, it will do the same for you!” (English bridge player, David Burn).

Please note that some of the above information appeared in a KBA Interview by Alex J. Coyne for Great Bridge Links:

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