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Kickback and 1430

I am playing in a new partnership.  We've played a few sessions online.

We've had a 1430 accident (which fortunately did not cost us).

We've had a Kickback accident (we missed an easy grand).

Which really makes me wonder ... I know that 1430 is theoretically superior to 0314 responses (though it seems like an exceedingly tiny advantage).  And I know that Kickback is theoretically superior to always-4N (here the advantage is more readily apparent).

But I never see any of these advantages.  They never seem to come up. I just see accidents.  All the time.

(For purposes of this poll, if you believe that 1430 is the bee's knees but Kickback is a tool of the devil, or vice versa, answer for the method you favor.)

Kickback and/or 1430 are theoretically superior. Every serious player should play them.
Kickback and/or 1430 are theoretically superior, but only very practiced partnerships should play them.
Kickback and/or 1430 are not any better than normal responses, so don't bother.
I am Eddie Kantar, and I am coming to your house to double you.
Other ("polls should partition the universe")

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