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Kidddbeck (The Kiddd Checkbeck)
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I decided to call this Convention Kidddbeck because it is my own idea and Kiddd is my username on BBO.

When we bid NT and pard has a weak hand with a suit of 5 cards is always better to play at suit even if suit is 5-2 because weak hand take a power if play at suit.

In fact when there is 1NT opening pard always will make a transfer in a major suit with 5 cards knowing that partner at least has 2 cardin that suit.

When Bid goes 1m-1M-1nt there are some cases where opener has only 1 card tipically is 5431 so is difficult that responder repeat his weak major because if he does take a big risk to play in a 5-1 Fit

The Situations where bid 1m-1M-1NT with 5431 are:

1)1-1-1nt when opener has 3145 (With 1345 i highly suggest to raise in 2)

2)1-1-1nt when opener has 1345 or 1435 (With 3 in 5431 always better to raise in 2)

3)1-1-1nt when opener has 1453 (Always 2 with 3cards in 5431)

In this 3 cases is very important for responder to know if opener has at least 2 cards in his own suit or if he has a singleton for not play a wrong partial.

In other cases who open will have always at least 2 cards and u can play whatever u prefer Checkbeck 2way checkback New minor forcing etc.

The advantages of this convention are basically 2:

1)Responder can repeat his suit without risk to play in 5-1

2)When opener rebid his suit is 99% 6+ cards,with the exception of 544 Shape.


How works this convention?

When responder bid 2 is either weak with 5+cards in his suit or Special Extra distribution hands 55 or 64

When responder bid 2 is nat and Weak (On 1 opening is just a weak raise and major suit can be with only 4 cards

When responder Repeat his suit is invitational so,if opener has a singleton will not pass and then try to reach the best contract

When responder bid other major is GF with at least 5 cards in his suit.

Notice there is a problem to bid weak/Invitational hand with 5+ and 4+ especially on 1 opening,for solve this problem i like 2 approaches:

1)1-2=Weak/Inv 5+-4+

2)1-2 and 1-2 Weak/Inv 5+-4+

On 1 opening there is not this problem because on 2 responder will now if opener has 4 without Raise

Lets see some developoments about this convention

1-1-1NT-2=Weak 5+ or GF with Extra distribution 55 or 64 where 2 is 3145 and 2 all the remaining hands with at least 2.If responder bid 2 on 2 or Pass in 2 is weak,If bid 2NT is GF with 6 and 4 Any,if Bid 3x is GF with 5 and 5m or 6 and 5 (I prefer Bid 2NT with 6 because is difficult that final contract will be play in NT

1-1-1NT-2=NF/Weak 5+-4+

1-1-1NT-2=Inv 5+

1-1-1NT-2=GF 5+ With or Without 4

1-1-1NT-2NT=Is Nat and invitational with 4

1-1-1NT-3X Is 55 Invitational

1-1-1NT-2=Weak 5+ or GF extra Distribution where 2 is 1345 2 is 1354 and 2 all the hands with 2/3.If responder Bid pass or 2 is weak,if Bid 2NT is Forcing with 6 and 4Any if Bid 3x is GF with 5 and 5 any

1-1-1NT-2=NF/Weak 5+-4+

1-1-1NT-2=GF 5+ with or without 4

1-1-1NT-2 is Invitational

1-1-1NT Other=See 1-1-1NT

1-1-1NT-2=Weak 5+ or GF extra distribution where 2 is 1453,2 is 4 and no 3 and 2 all the remaining hands without 4.If responder bid pass 2 or 2 is Weak if Bid 2NT is GF with 6 and 4m if Bid 3x is GF with 5 and 5 Any

1-1-1NT-2=Nat Weak

1-1-1NT-2=GF 5+ with or wothout 4+

1-1-1NT-2=Inv 5 and if Pard has 1453 will not pass

1-1-Other See above

At the end i have to say that this convention is playable for those player who play walsh simply Bid 2 with Weak Hand and 4M-5+ and Bidding 2 with weak hand with 5+M

Thanks for read this article

For Any questions or suggest u can write a comment on the post

Thanks All!


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