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KO Exclusion; Thanks in Advance for the Explanation

As we've seen from hundreds of comments, people have strong - and varying - opinions as to how masterpoints should be apportioned for 5 and 6 man teams - and what constitutes "contributing to success" (or lack thereof).Yet, as we know, the proposal in front of the Board was not to reduce masterpoint payouts for all five and six man knockout teams. NABC events were excluded from the proposal.

For those of us who think a reduction is poor, irrespective of the knockout event, the exclusion is moot. For those of you, however, who think that this is a good idea, I'd appreciate your thoughts on the exclusion.

Do you believe that the reduction should apply to all knockouts? Do you think that the NABC event exclusion was reasonable?

Not making it a poll, as I am more interested in the reasoning that people have for their opinions.  Thanks! 

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