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Latest decision of IBF's Special Ethics Committee on Fisher-Schwartz case: Differences over signaling method don't damage rights of accused 


The Israel Bridge Federation's Special Ethics Committee, in a decision dated May 29 but released only today, has decided that a committee decision based on a signalling method which is slightly different from the alleged board placement employed by Fisher and Schwartz does NOT damage the procedural rights of the accused.  Nevertheless, the committee has given the accused an additional 14 days to prepare a defense against the system of board placement currently attributed to them.

Perhaps more importantly, the SEC clarified two points.

1.  That the standard of evidence it employs is "beyond reasonable doubt," in compliance with a section of the IBF bylaws.

2.  That as a voluntary body, the IBF is entitled to take action to determine whether its members committed fraud (seems to me that fraud, used several times in the document, is the crucial term) to ascertain and reveal the truth.


Incidentally, the delay in publication of the decision can be attributed to the fact that the 50th annual Israel Bridge Festival, Israel's largest international tournament, took place during the first week in June.



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