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My Unit just held a "Learn Bridge in a Day?" event.  We had ~130 bridge-novice attendees of whom ~30 signed up for bridge classes after the event. 

Our Unit had a tremendous turnout of (30+) volunteers thanks to our organizer and unit VP Rob Preece; Patty Tucker from Whirlwind Bridge nailed the 6 hour talk.   I list 3 key observations and reserve details for comments.

  • The turnout and demographics reinforce that baby boomers are a prime target market begging to be marketed bridge.
  • Our LBIAD grant came from the ACBL Education Foundation (thanks!) but this type of event improves on anything I've seen from ACBL marketing where the program perhaps belongs.
  • The terms of the grant were sufficiently opaque that we couldn't effectively plan the finances and will lose money.   Opaque= not clear what the grant gets us and what expenses are required.

Overall, a very positive experience and a program that should be expanded IMO.


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