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We in North America have all been affiliated with ACBL in one way or another since we first joined.  You can't be a manager of an ACBL-affiliated Bridge Club unless you are an ACBL member.  Many of us stay because there is nowhere else to go.  No one else issues Masterpoints (except ABA).

A Bridge Winners member approached me at a Regional, said he had been reading this forum, and asked me what happened to the people who were ranting against ACBL, and how their plans were coming along."Their planning has gone underground and is unknown to me," was my accurate reply.

"Too bad," this person continued, "Our club would have joined the exodus in a heartbeat."

ACBL will not change until it has to.  As long as we keep paying them every month, they will continue with a 25-member Board of Directors; they will continue firing any CEO who seriously threatens the status quo.  No reason not to as long as the cash flow continues.  Put your club fees in escrow, they will just refuse to issue Masterpoints earned in your club's games to the players.

Set up a competing organization that issues Masterpoints, pay fees to that organization, and see what happens.  Answer: nothing if only a few clubs make the switch.  Your non-ACBL Masterpoints will be useless, your clubs will shrink.

BUT ... if enough clubs join the exodus and the ACBL income drops significantly, they will have to negotiate or die.

Forget Districts and Units -- they exist mostly to run tournaments, GNT, and NAP.  You can use the MTG model, and handle all of that from a significantly reduced HQ, cooperating with one or more local clubs to run local (Sectional) and larger (Regional) tournaments. 

You can hire --sure, part-time at first or even on a contractor-type arrangement, Tournament Directors to officiate at your tournaments. 

No all-expenses-paid four-days-or-more trips to Hawaii for a bloated and ineffective Board of Directors. 

No Units or Districts hoarding money to have enough reserve to cover one or two tournaments turning into financial disasters. 

Imagine the exodus of clubs growing and reaching critical mass.  No need to negotiate with ACBL at that point, just tell them to capitulate, make your own terms for their surrender.

Until someone steps up and starts this, so it can build momentum, nothing will change -- and I'll have nothing different to tell the next reader who asks me "What happened to all the anti-ACBL rants I read on Bridge Winners?"  And I'll have nothing different to do than pay next month's bill from ACBL.

Sorry I don't have the several million it might take to make a serious start, or the time and energy to solicit you ranters for contributions to build up the resources necessary ... sorrier still that none of you have solicited me for what I might be able to contribute.

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