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Legal? Ethical?

Hi all,


National team trials semi final, screens in use.

The bidding:



2: precision, 5+, if only 5, then also a four card major, 10-15

2: relay, GF, or weak with s (bids clubs at his next turn). All other bids are NF.

You are sitting behind the -bidder, and ask him (although you play a very similar system with other partners, but now you play a natural system with detailed agreements), and he just says 2 is relay, not elaborating until you ask that his pd may hold a weak hand with fit.

Now you call the judge, and tell him the following: since I was not told the full explanation of the 2 relay at first, what if my partner does not have full disclosure at the other side of the screen, either? If he is told 2 is 'relay', and thinks it is always strong, he may just bid on a weak hand. Then you raise to 3 with JTx, AKT, xxxx, Axx. Pd bids the obvious game, as he has 12 HCP 4540, and makes.

Your judge call is obviously heard at the other side of the screen, too, but no other info gets across.

What do you think of this situation?

I am too upset to explain properly maybe, feel free to ask any questions. (I was the 2 bidder, and learned about the above only after the session. Not that it matters, but I did give full disclosure of the meaning of my bid.)



It is perfectly normal, you can call the judge at any time during a hand. What is the problem?
It is a bit shady, but there is nothing the judge can do
It is legal to call the judge, but it is ethically questionable to send a message thru the screen like this, warning partner, then just raise to 3 with a hand worth a game raise
It is outrageous, this person should be called in front of an ethics comittee!
Other - please explain

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