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Life Master Pairs Mess

So as most are aware the Life Masters Pairs results was a shit show by the ACBL.

1st it was rumoured to be appeals but ACBL released a statement:

Moss and DeMuy won the event, lost it and won it again as scoring corrections were reported after the results came out. At the time the event concluded Sunday night, they were believed to be the winners, but when official results came out hours later, they had dropped to second. Then further scoring corrections reported Monday brought them back on top, putting announced winners Ed Nagy and Gary Soules in second. No appeals affected the outcome of the event.

I do not know what is in COC but it must allow changes even after official results posted.

So my question is once the official results were posted should scoring errors still be allowed to change?

What is the acceptable time frame to report an error?

Could i report one today and change the results again?

Could i next week?

So here is my poll about when results become official?


whenever the ACBL decides as this case seems to show
2 hours after all appeals and event finished
never results can be changed days/ weeks later
when the ACBL decides all scores correct
when the official results are announced

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