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Lightner not alerted - adjust?

Whatever the real level is, the players of our first division tend to think that it is a good field. But maybe it is just totally irrelevant.

We play with screens. Might be irrelevant again.

Here is board number 21 (sorry for the inconvenience):  

At a few of those tables where South was going to play a spade slam, East found a double. At these tables a few players alerted the double, a few did not. (Unfortunately you cannot see in the vugraph exactly who alerted at a given table, but the Tournament Director can check it on his tablet, if it matters. We can only see if there was an alert or not at a specific table.)

A few Norths decided to run to 6/7NT after the double, which was a good bet.

Do you think Lightner doubles should be alerted (especially this one)?

Would you adjust the score at those tables where the Lightner double was not alerted?

Thank you

Please select up to 2 choices.

(Alert) Yes.
(Alert) No.
(Alert) In a strong field players should know that Lightner double exists.
(Alert) Without screen alerting the Lightner double might be dubious, but with screens, it is obligatory.
(Alert) Other... please, please explain!
(Adjust) Yes
(Adjust) No
(Adjust) Depends... please, please explain!

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