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Lille 2012 World Championship Finals

In the Open semi-finals: POLAND defeated IRELAND 252-185 and SWEDENdefeated MONACO 220-174. The winners will battle for the world title in a 128-board final.

It is interesting that both the Swedish and the Polish teams are different than the teams at the 2011 Bermuda Bowl. In a somewhat surprising move,Krister Ahlesved and Jonas Petersson replaced Bjorn Fallenius and Peter Fredin on the Swedish team. Fredin and Fallenius were regarded by many as the top pair on the team. However, there were some personality conflicts, and the captain decided that the new pair would add better team chemistry, even if they did not have the same experience. Looks like this decision is paying off.

For the Polish team, only two of the players are the same. Krzysztof Buras and Grzegorz Narkiewiczwere joined by Piotr Zak, JerzyZaremba, Adam Zmudzinski, and Cezary Balicki. It is no surprise to seeBalicki and Zmudzinski added to the team. This pair has enjoyed tremendous international success, and would be on anyone's short list as one of the top pairs in the world. In 2011 the pair played in the European Championships to help Poland qualify for the Bermuda Bowl, but thenelected to play professionally in the Transnationals. This time, apparently, they have their eyes on the bigger prize.

In the Women's: RUSSIA defeated POLAND 243-160 and ENGLAND defeated FRANCE201-150.

In the Seniors': HUNGARY defeated SWEDEN201-184andUSA defeatedFRANCE156-133.

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