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Limited Form of Smith

I have never been comfortable with Smith Echo, reverse or otherwise. In addition to all the other problems like tempo, not being able to give count except in really obvious situation, wasting potentially useful 8's and 9's etc., I often find it difficult to make the binary decision between good and bad (and so do others, juding from how often players who play Smith have tempo problem).

However, I think a limited form of Smith may be useful and much simpler to play, which is that it is only played to show or deny a specific card in question. For example partner leads low against opponents' NT, you play the J and declarer wins the K. The specific card is the Q, and you would show or deny it when declarer plays his first suit. If OTOH, declarer wins the first trick with the Q, then there is no specific card in question, and Smith is off.

I am interested if people think this kind of Smith is playable (i.e. workable and useful) or just a waste of time.


Limited Smith as described is reasonable.
It is nonsense, play the full Smith or not play it at all.
Somewhere in between.

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