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Logging a Video

For those of you who are interested in examining videos for potential signaling, here are some guidelines to follow:

The most important thing is logging of times of critical moments.  For each hand, the start of the hand and the raising of the screen for the play are the two moments which need to be logged.  In addition, you should log any moment when you see something which might be important and which you might want to refer back to later.  If this is done properly you won't have to later be going back and forth in the video to get to the critical moments.  That will save you and others a lot of time in the future.

The time can be logged as a URL in the following manner:  Take the URL for the video, which will appear in your web browser URL box when you click onto the video.  Append to this the following:  &t=mxxsyy where xx is the minute and yy is the second of the video where you wish to refer back to later (I think h for hour works also, but haven't tried it).  When you click on the resulting URL you will go directly to that moment on the video.

For each match, I recommend the following information:

Name of the event and match

URL of the video

URL of the bbo archive

Names and direction of each player

Then for each board:

Contract and declarer

Time screen down

Time screen up

Time of anything you think might be interesting, along with a brief description.


Here is a sample illustrating what a file of a match should look like.  The actions I put in are fiction -- they are just there as an example.


Monaco - England 2014 EBTC Open room



North:  Fantoni

East:    Forrester

South: Nunes

West:   Robson

Board 1:  1NT E

Screen down:

Robson coughs:

Sceen up:

Nunes scratches nose:


Board 2:  3NT S

Screen down:

And so on.


Please do NOT post any such files on bridgewinners, either as an article or as a comment.  Any such action would potentially imply a public accusation of a pair, and that is one thing we do not want.  Of course you may share such files with friends, and that may be the most effecient way to examine the videos.  But keep it private.

If you believe you have spotted a pattern, double-check and triple check to make sure.  It is very easy to think you have seen something which doesn't exist.  When you are convinced that your observations are accurate, do NOT publish this on bridgewinners.  Private message people such as Boye, Ish, or myself, and we will do what is necessary.  This is exactly what happened with Fantoni-Nunes.



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