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Looking for a hand record from the 1973 BB...

I am looking for a hand record from the qualifying rounds of the 1973 Bermuda Bowl. It is very likely to be Round 8.


The deal I am looking for is not in the Official Handbook.

There are no 1973 Daily Bulletins at this excellent site:


So, I am trying an appeal to the BW community. 


Here are the participants:

Italy: Belladonna, Bianchi, Forquet, Garabello, Garozzo, Pittalà

Aces: Blumenthal, Goldman, Hamman, Jacoby, Lawrence, Wolff

Brazil: Assumpção, M Branco, PP Branco, Chagas, Cintra, Fonseca

USA: BJ Becker, M Becker, Bernstein, Rubens, Soloway, Swanson

Indonesia: Aguw, Franz, Lasut, Najoan, Sakul, Waluyan


I have already checked with Messrs M Becker, Lawrence, Rubens, Swanson and Wolff. No one has Round 8.


So, if anyone has any ideas I'd be most grateful....

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