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Losing faith

The happenings of the latest weeks are shocking. Seriously what's wrong with the people? They forgot to enjoy the game, because it's their living? They always feel the pressure that they have to achieve something otherwise they are out.. the sponsor is finding another pair.. they lose their job.. or just every each of them selfish enough to feel like, he is the one, who can do that. 

It's always in the air.

As a junior player I feel depressed. We always dream about (most of us..) that once maybe we can be on the open team, we can show we are the best or maybe even about do it as a living. For most of us it's only a dream, we find a real job and next to that we still gonna enjoy the game (Who could quit..?). But pops up the question, does it worth all the stress and pressure to do it, if some people using 'unethical methods'?

Watching these pros failing one by one makes me worried. Why all of them felt they have to do it? Because they thought the others do it anyway, so they deserve it, too? So from now on if I sit down against a strong pair, I'm gonna look for the signs or the patterns? Maybe they are gonna look for my methods, too?

Why all the pairs coming from Europe? (Congrats to England, definitely they are the best!!) Or it is still only the top of the iceberg? (I hope it ended, it's already enough.)

Every day I get up, I immediately check in to Bridgewinners to see who did we catch last night. It's really harmful for all of us. For the top players, for the beginners, for the juniors.. Truly bad commercial for the whole bridge world. :(

So all in all, what I want to say. You remember when you started to play the game.. all the excitements, all the fun? Trying to figure out what we would do if we were in their position.. and what if he thinks that we think that he thinks..? Making a good move and felt like in heaven..? I guess we all remember stories when we did brilliant actions. So why we couldn't just steal some of these great feelings into every hand we play, and feeling like Yeeeyyy, another adventure to solve?

Food for thoughts at least.

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