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Love's Bridge Squeezes Complete for PC

UPDATE: This program is no longer supported by its developer.

Clyde Love's Bridge Squeezes Complete is regarded as the most technically complete manual on the art of squeeze play, covering simple squeezes, double squeezes, strip squeezes, and compound squeezes. While comprehensive, it can be a difficult read for the improving player, as one often has to visualize cards being played several tricks in the future. To solve this problem, Lorne Russell developed an interactive version that allows the reader to play the hands in the book on the computer. He has provided a FREE evaluation version for all Bridge Winners members that can be downloaded from our store starting today. You will need a PC with Windows 95 or later to run it and play the first 14 hands. Should you find the experience enjoyable and instructive, you can buy the full copy from him for $49.95 -- see inside the program for full instructions.

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