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LYNCH is USA2 for the D'Orsi Senior Bowl

The final team representing USA in Bali has been determined. LYNCH(Carolyn Lynch, Eddie Wold, Roger Bates, Mike Passell, Garey Hayden, and Marc Jacobus) beat MELTZER(Rose Meltzer, Mark Feldman, Steve Beatty, John Mohan, Bill Pollack, and Mark Cohen) 197-163. The final segment featured many thrilling hands, so even though LYNCH enjoyed a comfortable 170-114 lead going in, the trailing team had their chances.

MELTZER reached a slam off two cashing diamonds -- but won 13IMPs when a spade was led instead:


MELTZERreached a 6 slam off two cashing aces, including the trump ace. West underled his AKQ at trick 1 hoping his partner could get in for a ruff. Alas, dummy had the singleton J. East won the trump ace and didn't work it out, so 6 made. At the other table, LYNCHreached 5, and received the same heart underlead, allowing the contract to make with an overtrick when East also missed the diamond ruff. 11 more IMPs to MELTZER.

MELTZERreached a grand slam with 8 trumps missing the queen. When the opening lead was not a trump, declarer played the opening leader for the Q. When this lost,MELTZERlost 16 IMPs instead of winning 13, a 29-IMP swing.

MELTZERbid a vulnerable 7 off a cashing ace -- but the favorable opponents sacrificed in 7-X for -800. Meanwhile, at the other table, their teammates stopped in 5 making 7, soMELTZERstill picked up 3 IMPs.


Late in the segment, Roger Bates carefully played this 4 contract with a 5-0 trump split to close the door on anyMELTZER comeback. The other table was in the laydown 3NT, when responder failed to showthe good 5-card spade suit in an effort to generate a swing.


Besides these hands, there were many other opportunities for the trailing team, such as a board where Feldman and Pollack doubled a cold 3NT, but their opponents ran to 4, then to 4NT. 4NT could have been beaten, but was not.

Congratulations to all the teams who qualified, and good luck to everyone in Bali!

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