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Lynn Harris vs. The Bridge World: 4 level bids after a 3 level preempt

Two recent Master Solver's problems pointed out a major deficiency in bidding. Is a a 4 minor bid forcing or nonforcing after a preempt?  Read on to see how you can have your cake and eat it (solution to have both).  A bid in a minor would be nonforcing according to director Danny  Kleinman (e.g., 1S, 3H, X, P; ?) so that we would have to bid game, slam, or partial.  I did not see any mention of this treatment in Bridge World Standard.

The first hand (December 2012 B) shown above was AKQT84,8, AJ762,4. Both Vul, IMPs. How do we figure out if we belong in 4H, 6H, 5D, 6D?  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to bid a forcing 4D and conduct a reasonable auction instead of a guessing game?  This would especially be critical at IMPs.

The second problem was (January 2013 E) MP, NS Vul: The auction to us was 1S, X, 3S, ?  We hold A982, A7, K4, K7632.  The director (Berkowitz)did not give any credit of 4C.  Again, we have to guess what to bid.  Do we bid some number of clubs or NT?  A forcing 4C would make our decision easier.

What is the solution?  A 3NT bid behind the original preemptor or bidder indicates that would be an acceptable  contract.  A 3NT bid in front would not be to play but would be a relay bid by partner and the 3NT bidder could set the contact after the 4C relay (four of a suit or 5 minor)  This treatment is similar to a penalty oriented double behind the original preempt suit, and a takeout double before the suit bidder). A direct 4 level minor bid is forcing.

The first hand would be able to bid 4D forcing showing a good two suiter.  Change the hand to AJ9832, 8, AJ762,4 and the 3NT relay would be used so that 4D rebid would not be forcing.  If we switch the C and D suits, the return to the first suit (4S) after 4C would logically show an invitational hand in C. It could be too high, but at least we have described our hand.

The second hand would bid a direct 4C which is forcing and descriptive. Depending on vulnerability with x, Jxx, Qx, QT98762, a 3NT relay bid and a pass of 4C would certainly be reasonable. 


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