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Make deadline for entries for NABC+ pair events two hours before game time.

I think thatentries for NABC+ pair games and BAM games should close two hours before game time. This will give the seeders time to seed and the Directors time to set up the best movement.They could sell entries the night before, on Bridge Winners, in the morning of the event, or you could mail your check to ACBL. The WBF knows who's going to play, why can't the ACBL?

The only reason one entry would be sold after the deadline is if there was a 1/2 table. Anyone in line at 11:00AM assuming game time was 1:00PM would be allowed to buy an entry. There would be no exceptions. This would be announced in Chicago and on the front page of the ACBL bulletin and be implemented in Denver. No need to do this for NABC Swiss teams or for regional and lower events. There are already earlier deadlines for KO's and the Resienger.This will ensure that games start on time.

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