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Massimo Lanzarotti readmitted to the ACBL?

The December 3, 2018 ACBL list of Expelled and Suspended members still includes : Lanzarotti Massimo 9891560 99 999 3.20  November 18, 2005 as having been expelled.

That said, I have confirmed from several official sources that he has admitted his guilt, been "rehabilitated" and is or will soon officially be a member of good standing in the ACBL.

But there was nothing in the ACBL Daily Bulletin in Honolulu nor has any official announcement been forthcoming.  Why?  Is the ACBL trying to hide something or bury the news?   I imagine the Daily Bulletin can only print news that has been approved by the powers-that-be.

In 2005, Lanzarotti won both the Cavendish Invitational and the  ACBL Spingold trophy.

From Wikipedia Cheating in Bridge:

"Andrea Buratti and Massimo Lanzarotti, 2005: Accusation, disqualification, and expulsionAlso known as 'The Tenerife Affair'In 2005, Italian professional players Andrea Buratti and Massimo Lanzarotti were playing the Israeli team in the Swiss-system qualifying section of the European Transnational Teams Championship in Tenerife and their team needed a convincing win into the knockouts. Early in the match, Ilan Bareket, 35, of the Israeli team, summoned an official and claimed that Lanzarotti as dummy had looked at Bareket's hand and had secretly conveyed information about the cards to Buratti with a finger signal.[57]

The crucial piece of information – that Bareket had three of the remaining four trumps – was allegedly given by Lanzarotti placing three fingers of his right hand over his left wrist as he rested his arms on the table. Buratti subsequently played "against the odds" – a risky course of action without knowing opponents' hands – and won, helping to provide his team with a 25-2 victory.[58][59]

Before an appeals committee, Lanzarotti denied looking into Bareket's hand and said the sight in his left eye was so poor that he would not have been able to distinguish the red honors anyway. Buratti stated that the Israelis had asked a lot of questions, which made declarer think that the trumps were breaking badly. He continued that the first two boards had been bad and they needed a big victory, so he had intentionally played against the percentage.

The appeals committee found declarer's explanations unconvincing and that his line of play had been influenced by dummy's behaviour. The committee ruled that Buratti and Lanzarotti were disqualified from the team event, and the match score was adjusted to 18-0 victory points in favor of the Israeli team.[60]

In November 2005, Buratti and Lanzarotti were expelled by ACBL. In March 2011, the two applied to the ACBL for readmission but were denied.[61]"


 CDR 5.2.14  Negotiated Resolution of a Charge.  A step forward or backwards?

During my years of service on the ACBL Board of Directors, when people where charged with ethical and/or conduct infractions, there had to be formal Committee hearings.  As of sometime in 2017, the ACBL Board amended the CDR to include: 5.2.14 Negotiated Resolution of a Charge.  This allows for negotiated settlements and/or plea bargaining without going through any formal hearings and committees.

While a case can be made for saving time and money regarding conduct matters, I see no justification for allowing this process regarding ethical issues.

Brave New World!

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