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Meaning of 2NT response to 2?

Recently there have been a number of posts about responses to a standard 2 opening.  I've already commented that I'm not a fan of control showing responses, but there still a number of ways to respond naturally or semi-naturally.  I'm particularly interested in the meaning of a 2NT response, although I realize that this could be affected by the meaning of 2 and 2.  Here I'm generally assuming that a 2 response is waiting, perhaps guaranteeing a few points if 2 is used as an immediate double negative.

Which approach do you mostly use or favour?  Please choose one of the options listed below.  Any comments are welcome, particularly on the precise meaning of 2NT.

2 is natural and 2NT is natural.
2 is natural and 2NT is conventional.
2 is a double negative and 2NT is natural.
2 is a double negative and 2NT shows hearts.
2 is a double negative and 2NT is conventional in some other way.
I play control responses to 2.
other - please specify in a comment if possible.

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