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Meanwhile, in the other Olympiad...

Congratulations to the US team who just won the world Chess Olympiad in Baku. I believe this is the first time they have managed this for 40 years. Last time, was in Haifa 1976, when England came 3rd. That time the USSR and others declined to take part for political reasons, but now following the dissolution of the USSR and the rise of new powers, there are many more strong teams in contention.

Those recently eliminated in Wroclaw may perhaps wish that the Swiss system, which has been in force for the chess Olympiad since 1976, was used for bridge too. But spare a thought for Ukraine who almost overtook the US in the last round, but lost out on tiebreak...each system has its heartaches.

Chess also has a women's Olympiad, which was convincingly won by China. 

A few comparisons: Chess has a rating system which works and a ruling body which is often accused of corruption and is frequently at odds with the players, It has few cheating scandals, but illicit use of computers is a growing concern. Chess also still tries for Olympic recognition, and so inflicts random, irrelevant drugs tests on players.

Similar but different.

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