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Just had to renew my membership and I couldn't help think.... can the ACBL do better?

without getting into patron membership and forget the part that there are extra (optional)  CBF is the basic structure...


1 Year    57.05

3 Year    133.95

1 year Household 101.70

3 year Household 267.90


Look at the 1 Year membership. Like most household memberships, 2 of us live in our household and play bridge. meaning if I choose a 1 year membership for the 2 of us it is 114.10.... I save by buying the household, but in the 3 year part.... no savings. I don't even know what gets sent based on the type of membership cause I basically read the bulletin online, yet my wife likes the paper.

If you want to promote bridge, the membership purchase structure can do a lot to help that.... for example, have a Family membership available....

includes 2 adult memberships and 1-3 Junior/youth memberships. 

Have a Junior membership and a youth membership (for those non playing parents)

Have a program in place where Junior and Youths can earn free entries to Sectional, Regional and NABC events by getting friends to join the ACBL...or other nice prizes... 


There is a lot more they can do here....I think

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