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Mentor game - Ideas. Call for ideas.

The owner of the Spokane bridge club asked me for help building up one of his games.    We run it on Thursdays from 11-2:30.    We went with the following format"


*  I would give a half hour mini-lesson on card play before the game

*  We would reach out to the best players in the area and ask them to mentor newer players

*  We would leave the game open to all

*  We would encourage mentoring, asking questions etc, allowing extra time if needed

*  We would guarantee partnerships for anyone that showed up

*  I am really proud one day when I line up enough mentors for about 2/3 of the C pairs.

*  Snacks provided


Sounds pretty good, right?

Maybe not.   Consider the case of a "C" pair that just likes to play with each other.    They come into the mentor game, and instead of seeing 1-2 pairs that they can't beat, they see that they are probably going to finish in last place.    So they decide then and there that this game is not for them.

Note that the game is stratified, so the mentored partnerships end up being A.   Somehow that does nto fix the scare factor.

We are not even close to enough tables to run a separate "C" game.



Have others experienced this issue?   What have you done about it?    

Our invitational game on Monday is really popular since experts are not allowed.

I came up with an idea:   Mentor is dummy.   Basically if the mentor is about to play the hand, the pair swaps places so the mentee plays the hand.   Is there a rating which would allow for such a thing (some sort of ez-bridge rating, or teaching rating?    This would do a few things - give others the feeling they have a chance, get the newer players more practice, and eliminate hand stealing by frustrated pros...  but I just don't know if I can do this in an ACBL sanctioned game.   Wondering if it's worth running a non-sanctioned game to be able to accomplish this.


Appreciate all your ideas and suggestions, I know less about running a game that when I started a few months ago.








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