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Merits of mini-Michaels?

I'd be interested in the opinion of those out there who have played an overcall of 2 over 1 as mini-Michaels (5-4 either way).

2 would be classic Michaels and you lose the diamond preempt.

I'm fairly sure this is an italian idea --therefore it must be good?

But does losing the preempt or the ability to keep 2/ as mildly constructive over 2 --because 2 now has to ask for the range as opposed to being rebressive -- mean you are net negative?

Anyone who has played it or has considered it and rejected, please chime in.

An even better thing than sliced bread
Net positive -- feel free to explain why
Considered but rejected it for one reason or another (again, feel free to expound)
Net Negative (and your reasons)
Even worse than Flannery -- or mini-Flannery if you prefer

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